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Breast Forms

We carry breast forms in hundreds of styles and shapes. All Individually handcrafted which gives them the look and feel that is soft and natural.


Many of Amoena's breast forms come with the feature. A layer provides improved wearing comfort by absorbing excess body heat from the chest wall which reduces overheating and therefore perspiration behind the form - the result is the ultimate in comfort. Comfort+ technology can enhance adhesion, due to less perspiration, for a more secure bond.

Amoena Contact
  • Attaches to the skin and moves with the body.
  • Stays in place with every movement.
  • Relieves pressure on the shoulders - ideal for women with lymphedema or a large bust.
  • Easy wear and care.
  • Provides more freesom in clothing choices like low-cut dresses.
  • Gives woman more security and self-confidence.
  • A 2-in-1 form: Contact breast forms can also be worn traditionally, in a pocketed bra, using the Back Pad accessory.

    Shallow, average & full
    *Tawny in select styles
    Available in lightweight


Amoena Energy

  • A revoluationary temperature-equalizing breast form with air ventilation for a fresh feeling
  • Pearls on the back generate air flow and adapt for a close and secure fit
  • The three-dimensional pearl surface can transport 25 times more heat energy away from the body than any traditional single layer breast form.
  • The Comfort+ material, lightweight silicone, and the unique Amoena Energy construction keeps an optimal body temperature balance.
Average & full cup
Only available in lightweight


Amoena Natura

  • Designed to give a more natural feeling and appearance.
  • Moves naturally with the body and relaxes when a woman is lying down.
  • Quickly warms to body temperature.
Shallow, average & full
Tawny in select styles
Available in lightweight


Amoena Essential & Essential Deluxe

  • Designed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery: a balanced and secure fit.
  • Offers a pleasant feel and appearance.
Shallow, average & full
Tawny & lightweight in select styles



PurFit adjustable enhancer

XS(4), S(6), M(8), L(10),

1. Soft, breathable fabric cover holds silicone shell and fiberfill while the integrated thin foam cup offers further support

2. Non-irritating fiberfill for use in adjusting volume.


3. Clear silicone shell offers shape and support; can also be worn separately.




Amoena Balance Shapers
The Balance line of silicone shapers are made especially for women who have had breast conserving surgery (BCS), breast reconstruction, lumpectomy or have problems with bra fit. Full shapers cover the entire breast area, while the partial shapers can be used to replace missing tissue in a specific area. Shapers can be worn in a pocketed bra or traditional bra to add balance and symmetry where needed.

Amoena Symmetry Shapers are offered in four styles and two thicknesses. You can position Balance anywhere in your bra for the best fit possible.

  • To regain symmetry after breast conserving surgery
  • To balance naturally uneven breasts
  • When plastic surgery is not an option because of radiated skin
  • As an enhancer during reconstruction
  • To adjust for weight gain or loss after reconstruction
  • Built in cooling technology
  • ALSO AVAILABLE with adhesive back for secure fit



Amoena Active & Leisure Forms



Clear silicone form has a hollow, concave back that allows
waterflow by the chest wall so the form retains its shape in and out of the water.



Leisure Form

A Comfort+ fabric layer continuously works to maintain
a dry environment by absorbing excess body heat during a rise
in temperature and helping to prevent perspiration behind the form.

SmartSilver technology is integrated into the back fabric,
providing a natural antimicrobial benefit of inhibiting bacterial growth
which results in a more hygienic climate during healing and recovery.

Available in lightweight & weighted



Amoena Adhesive Nipples


Self-Adhesive Nipple Set

Colors: Ivory, Blush, Tawny
Sizes: Small, Large

  • Self-adhesive silicone back adheres directly to the skin or breast form with security and ease.
  • Provides a natural appearance in three, skin tone colors.
  • Includes Amoena Soft Cleanser for easy cleaning and optimal adhesion.
  • Soft, thin silicone is comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Ideal for women who need an optical balance of one or both nipples.


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Naturalwear Breast Forms

Silk A Supreme
  • Asymmetrical
  • Available in multiple shapes, sizes and profiles.
  • Lightweight - 30% lighter

BodiCool WAVE
  • Trucool Gel provides maximum contact and an advanced cooling effect.
  • WAVE design promotes air circulation between chest wall and breast form.
  • Symmetrical triangle shape
  • Lightweight
  • Available in triangle or oval
  • Lightweight
  • Cooling cushions promote air curculation and comfort, drawing excess heat
    from chest wall.
  • *Available in Tawny


Leisure Form

  • Symmetrical Triangle
  • Soft, lightweight foam. Inner weighted core provides minimal weight.
  • Recommended for leisure wear.


Swim Forms

Calypso & Tropez
  • Available in heart shape or triangle
  • Transluscent, concave back allows for water flow and shape retention.


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Radiant Impressions
Non-Surgical custom breast reconstruction


    The Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis attempts to simulate missing breast tissue as closely as possible. It is hand carved and sculpted in a production studio in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Radiant Impressions can make a nipple and areola to match the color, size and shape of a remaining nipple and areola, complete with projection if desired. The prosthetic nipple and areola can be adhered to the reconstructed breast. Nipples and areolas can also be made for bilateral reconstruction patients as well.


"Partial" or "Shell" Prosteses:

     Partial or shell prostheses can once again provide a symmetrical appearance. The partial or shell prosthesis is worn over existing breast tissue. Also ideal for women with eneven breast development due to genetic reasons.


  • Lightweight construction for comfort and compliance
  • A sense of wholeness
  • The ability to be worn ina non-pocketed bra
  • A close match to many skin tones with 20+ colors from which to choose
  • Durable construction allows the prosthesis to be worn while swimming, running, and other physical activities
  • Also available to bilateral patients


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Bosom Buddy ® Breast Forms

     Bosom Buddy® is all-fabric, with no silicone, plastic or rubber used in its construction. Because of the way it’s made, Bosom Buddy is lighter in weight than many breast forms and much easier to wear. And the weight is adjustable, so you can make it a little heavier or lighter as you prefer, or if your weight changes.


  • Cooler and lighter than silicone
  • Fully weighted and adjustable
  • Comfortable soon after surgery
  • Accommodates simple or radical mastectomy
  • Medicare approved
  • Completely washable

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