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During Reconstruction


Compression Bras & Belt


  The Compression Belt may be used in conjunction with either the Patricia or Sarah Compression Bras. Post reconstruction, the Amoena Compression Belt keep breasts in place and prevents implants from moving during the healing process.




PurFit Adjustable Breast Enhancer


  Amoena PurFit provides shape and symmetry during the tissue expansion process during reconstruction.


Three part system:
1. Clear silicone shell offers shape and support
2. Non-irritating fiberfill for use in adjusting volume
3. Soft, breathable fabric cover holds silicone shell and fiberfill while the integrated thin foam cup offers further support
  • Silicone shell can also be worn separetly



    Amoena Adhesive Nipples


    Self-Adhesive Nipple Set
    • Self-adhesive silicone back adheres directly to the skin or breast form with security and ease.
    • Provides a natural appearance in three, skin tone colors.
    • Includes Amoena Soft Cleanser for easy cleaning and optimal adhesion.
    • Soft, thin silicone is comfortable and easy to wear.
    • Ideal for women who need an optical balance of one or both nipples.





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