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Skincare product line

"Designed to help soothe and heal."

Lindi Skin is dedicated to developing skin care products that ease the burden of common side effects experienced by individuals undergoing treatment for cancer and related disorders. Specifically formulated to soothe the symptoms that occur during and after radiation therapy and chemotherapy, Lindi Skin products are incomparable for anyone interested in high quality skin care.


Soothing Balm - for intensely dehydrated areas of the skin. With an abundance of avocado oil, Soothing Balm is especially beneficial to painful, cracked and peeling skin. It should be used after washing with Lindi Body Wash, while skin is still damp, but can be reapplied as often as needed.

Body Lotion - Light and refreshing, created for overall dryness resulting from chemotherapy. Full of nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to skin. A combination of natural berry extracts and our proprietary LSA Complex™ have been combined to help reduce inflammation and irritation.

Body Wash - helps to minimize the drying effects of frequent washing. Its gentle formulation is mild enough to use on compromised skin that is in need of extra attention, yet still effective as a daily cleanser. The delivery of intense moisturizers while washing stays with you even after rinsing and is enhanced when used with Lindi Body Lotion and/or Soothing Balm, as needed.


Face Serum - A gentle blend of antioxidants, avocado oil, and our unique LSA Complex™, which help calm irritation and dryness. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve aggravated skin. Available in Hint of Lavender or Hint of Citrus.

Tint - Concealing and brightening, our tint is made to revive skin tone and help improve your overall appearance. Chemotherapy can be particularly hard on the complexion, especially when your white cell count is low. To counteract the grey tone that the skin often takes on during medical treatment. Made especially for use in conjunction with Lindi Face Serum, this light tint provides smooth and consistent texture. For use with all skin types.

Face Moisturizer - For those with extremely dry skin. Full of nutrients and antioxidants that moisturize without feeling greasy. A unique combination of natural extracts and our unique LSA Complex™ have been combined to reduce inflammation and irritation that often accompany skin affected by chemical or environmental damage.
Face Wash - Chemotherapy can lead to very dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Lindi Face Was is as rich and moisturizing as it is gentle. It is a good alternative for those with allergic sensitivity to soap. Will leave your skin clean, refreshed and moisturized. Follow with Lindi Face Serum or Lndi Face Moisturizer.


Eye Hydrator - A moisturizing gel formulated to improve skin tone and reduce puffiness. It attracts moisture to the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Its unique texture allows you to apply it without excessive rubbing, without the irritation caused by many other products. Meant to be applied after cleansing with Lindi Face Wash, and moisturizing with Lindi Face Serum or Face Moisturizer.


Lip Balm - Soothes and hydrates dry lips and cuticles. Side effects of chemotherapy, such as mucocitis, often create problems for the lips as well. Emollient and comfortable for long lasting protection, Lindi Lip Balm allows lips and cuticles to heal quickly. With the absence of irritating ingredients commonly found in many lip formulations, Lindi Lip Balm is appropriate for very sensitive skin.


Botanical extracts & ingredients:

    • Astazanthin (algae extract) - anti-oxidant, anti-irritant
    • Bisabolol (extract of chamomile) - anti-irritant
    • Curcumin (xtract of tumeric) - wound healing
    • Grape Seed - anti-oxidant
    • Oat Beta-Glucan - strong anti-inflamatory
    • Portulaca - analgesic, anti-inflammatory
    • Red Raspberry Seed - anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant
    • White Birch Extract - Anti-bacterial, anti-viral
    • White Tea - Powerful anti-oxidant
    • Willow Herb - anti-microbial, anti-irritant

    • comfortable and breathable on the skin
    • not oily, sticky, or greasy
    • do not support bacteria, fungus or mold
    • help prevent moisture loss
    • avoids strong fragrance/ ingredient known to cause irritation, nausea, or allergic reaction
    • help provide intense hydration
    • help provide effective nutrient delivery system to the skin




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